Monday, August 31

On track

So I am taking Communications 1020 and Intro to Law and Litigation. These are my classes that are on the road to getting my Associates Degree in getting my Paralegal Degree. I am glad that I had the back ground in English Education and have all my writing classes out of the way. Because I think I am a good writer when I sit down and think about what I am going to say. Whereas here on this blog it is just the word vomit coming out through my fingers.

So I got up early again today and did Walking and Yoga and took Lily out. But here is the bummer. I injured my knee a while back and I do not know how I did it! But today I start Physical therapy so I can walk at an incline again with out pain and so I can go up and down stairs with out wincing.
But I am trying to stay active so I do not put any weight on.

So walking is how I am doing that.

I cannot wait to get on the scale after finals and see where I am at weight wise. But I am sure that I will make my goal if I keep going at this pace.

Thursday, August 27

The Freshman Fifteen

Well I have not blogged in a long time. Part of that is because well I ended up in a job I totally hated and now I am at a great place in life not only for work but also mentally and physically.
So I started School again last night. I was scared and nervous and all the other things that make you want to freak out.

So I have set a new goal... I am going to loose 15 pounds while I am in school. Instead of Gain.
So I am doing well on Day 2 of this new goal but I am not going to weigh myself until finals are over.
I know I am in the 232 pound range. So 15 pounds is 216 pounds. Now I hope to be lower than that. But I am going to do the exercize to keep my energy levels up and to prevent myself from going insane.
So I am getting up early and walking for 2 miles and then Yoga and some weight lifting. I am going to need to add some much needed core work into the mix but right now I am just trying to stick to this routine for a month to see how I am doing.

So I will write more tomorrow morning... after my workout.

Tuesday, April 7

198 Feeling Great

I cannot believe it I finally have to change my goal pants... the pants I have hanging on my wall are now TOO BIG! So now I am on the hunt for a new pair.

It is nice to have a new wardrobe again because of clothes I have had but not able to wear.

Friday, April 3

3 weeks where have I been...

I am here, I have not blogged for a while because I have not been feeling well. (I had a miscarriage) and now I have this horrible cold. I am still doing good with maintaining that loss that I had three weeks ago.
I have not gained and according to the scale the other day I have lost 3 more pounds.
So when I start feeling better I am going to start doing the 2 hours a day again. Till then I am just doing 30 minutes to maintain.

Wednesday, March 11

Offical Weigh In 12.4 Pounds total in one week!

I must say the Strength Training and healthy eating is doing it's job. I am down 12.4 pounds for the whole week.
I weigh 224 Pounds!

I did my Wii Fit Test 3 Times in a Row because I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!
I lost 12 pounds in a week! I was shocked!

I am so excited to open my Envelope tonight but then again I am not allowing myself to do that UNTIL AFTER my Workout.

I was just hoping for 2 pounds! I am so excited~

Monday, March 9

4.6 Pounds to my next goal

So those of you who have been tracking my progress on this so called blog will know that I am doing my goals by 10 pound stints.
And I have to say getting up early to walk is helping my attitude and body and mind. I am about to go upstairs and walk for a min of 25 minutes my goal is 45.

My Wii Fit has been giving me a work out too. Yesterday I just played my games on Wii Fit to improve my scores.

Today My goal is to get more fiber in my diet.

So here is to me.. Lets hope I can make it to my goal.

Tuesday, March 3

So Weight off my Shoulders

I quit my job of 8 years that is right 8 years.
Being at SPS was bad for me, it was the cause of a lot of health problems. The company demanded so much from me and I could not give anymore.

The day I quit I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders and in turn THREW MY BACK OUT!

I start my new job tomorrow. I am going to do my best and hope for the best and see if I can make myself be what I want. A healthier Emily.

So tomorrow I will get up as usual at 5:30 and walk for an hour and then of course clean up and get ready for work. And Start a new chapter in my life.

No longer worried about Co Workers Perceptions of me, Just going to go in and do my job and hopefully prove that I was worth hiring to Lundberg.

Monday, March 2

3.4 CC's Lap Band Filled.

So today I went in and got the official weigh in at the doctors office. I can say that I am happy that there is weight loss and I am proud of my hard work. Now I am at3.4 CC's in my lap band and I am at my most restricted that I have been in about 3 years.

But now I can work out and control my eating the way I am supposed too. My band is where it needs to be to get the rest of my weight off.
Now I really am going to push it and get to 230 before we know it. 8 pounds to go!

Wednesday, February 25

Well my First Envelope

So my Paper that I had in my Goal Envelope of 240 Pounds (Offically 238) Said the following

YOU MADE IT TO YOUR NEXT STEP (as I am sitting here with my Post Work out clothes and Sweat with my Glass of WATER0 GOOD JOB.

Before you Reward yourself Take a Photo of yourself. (Check See Above) Post to your Blog... Well I did that.....

2. Take your Measurements
  • ARM 15 1/2
  • Thigh 27/12
  • Stomach 47
  • Breast Line 45
  • Hips' 53 (2 Inches LOST and I can tell my pants are loose)
  • Neck 14
For making it to this Goal for your reward you can do the following:

And I wrote down... Call Sinead and get a Sugar Scrub and a Massage

Try on the Cargo Pants in the closet see how they fit? Can you get them past your mid thigh? Do not get discouraged Keep working hard. Enjoy your Massage.

Man I am NICE to myself.

238 and Feeling Great

So This Morning!!!!! The Offical Weigh in on the Wii!!! 238! That means I get to open my first goal envelope. But I have made a deal with myself. I can open it after I officaly WALK 10K Steps today. I already have 4000 in from my morning JOG... That is right I Jogged for 20 minutes on the Treadmill. IT FELT GREAT!

Tuesday, February 24

So for the last two days I am working on getting back on track. I do have to say it has been helpful to exercise. My mood has gotten better and I seem to be more perky.
My only frustration is Lily, she is always getting into things she should not touch while I am walking. So it has gotten to the point where she has to be in her kennel while I am walking/ jogging on my treadmill. Because she is a total SHIT! She started eating my Wedding Topiary Trees last night and I went postal on her. She knew she was in trouble because she sat by the Plant stand with her toys in the basket and waited for permission to come be with me.

But last night after my work out I was Exhausted I crashed in bed. But I needed that Rest. Then of course the night time Acid Reflux started and I was hacking up a lung and throwing up because I ate too late in the evening my dinner.

That is the worst thing about having a LAP BAND. You have to stop eating and drinking at a certian time before you go to bed otherwise you are suffering all night with food coming back up. I do most of my eating and drinking at work at my desk. People always ask me why I have a Tea, a Water, a Protien Drink and Water at my desk. Because I aim to finish them all before I leave.

So tomorrow is another offical weigh in. Lets hope I am at 242 or 240.

Monday, February 23

sick of Being Sick

David and I have been sick with this really bad respitory infection for two weeks. Now we are both waking up with Bloody Noses. So I got out the humidifire for him this morning and I am down stairs working out and getting ready for work.

I vow to get back on my treadmill track this week.

Tuesday, February 10

Progress Where Am I?

Arm Left Arm by Mole 15
Right same thing. 15
Thigh’s 28 Inches each
Stomach Inches 46
BreastLine Inches 44
Hip’s Inches 53
Neck Inches 14
Weight: 244.50
As of this morning. This is unoffical but I wanted to see.

Lets hope I keep going down.

Monday, February 9

Sip the Water Sip it

So I am getting used to being slightly tighter this evening. I have not had a fill in almost a year (as I stated earlier) but I am happy to say I have lost 5 pounds total since my last fill. We all know I have been up and down since then.

As of right now I have 2819 calories left to burn on my watch before I burn off another pound of fat. I have another fill for my Band on the 9th of March at 3:44. I am going increase by another CC at that appointment if I am able. But my goal by that date is to be below 240 (reaching goal envelope #1)

But man after eating my dinner I felt full the 4 oz I was able to eat. Dave and I worked out. But I noticed that I am being smarter and making healthier choices since blogging everything and I am being more honest with myself.

I am educating myself more on things that I should do. And Working out with my Husband has been great. Can I say that I love having that commitment with eachother and that date every night with him has made things so much easier because he pushes me to do better.

I started using my I Fit card on my Treadmill again today too and that NEARLY killed me because I was dumb and did the hardest one first. So I will not be doing that again. But Lily was so well behaved while I was working out on the treadmill she played with her treats and her cat toy and layed on the couch and watched me.

So out of morbid curiosity I think tomorrow morning after my Yoga I am going to take my measurements JUST TO SEE.
But I am feeling better about myself after 2 weeks of consistent working out with my Husband and 2 weeks of Marriage today. Nothing has changed except our commitment to eachother and health. And the Dog!

Going in for a fill!

Ok so I have not had a fill or un fill with my Band since May of Last Year! So guess what... Today I am going in for a Fill toady at 3:30.
So I am going to be a bit tight tonight and Water is going to have to get in as much as I can before I work out tonight.

Water is important. Now let me just get my viatmins in!

Friday, February 6

Counting Calories

So today I am counting my Calories and I am realizing that I am not eating enough to take care of me with all this extra exercize I am doing.
But I am not going to increase what I eat. I am just going to make better choices.

Last night David did not get home until 8:30 and well we have our Date to workout every night together but I stayed up and I waited. And it was WORTH every minute of waiting. Because I feel Great today.

So I got up this morning for the first time before the Alarm went off!
I did Yoga for Better Sex DVD because it helps your thighs and hips which I must admit this week have tightend up quite a bit from all the squats and lunges we have done. It felt really good to streach those out. And HURT too! So I need to do that again tonight streach out my hip flexors and hamstrings before I go to bed.

Then I did Tighter Assets DVD. And the ONLY reason I did that is because tonight I am going out with Lisa and Mom to see a movie.

But the best part of the morning is I stepped on my old Bathroom scale and saw a Budge in the scale it went down.
I am really close to my goal but I will not count it until my Weekly Weigh in on Wednesday Morning. Because who knows what the weekend will bring.

Right now I am listening to Super Size me... And I have made an Appointment for my Lap Band to get a minor Fill. Because I am now able to eat more than 6 OZ each meal and that has to stop!

Thursday, February 5

The Little Things make a Big Difference

So I never thought I would notice the small things but here is what I am noticing.
1. I can get through the whole work out with David with out stopping. So my Stamina is building. (Last night Dave did not get home until 8:00 but I waited for him so we could keep our commitment to workout together like we promised. While I waited I walked on my Treadmill and did some hard play time with Lily and went for a few long walks with her. I walked 7500 Steps after I got home from work)
2. My body feels different. I want to measure my inches but I am not doing that until I reach my first goal of 240. But this morning my legs feel warm and they hurt a bit but they do not hurt like they have.
3. Yoga is getting harder because my muscles need to be more flexible so it is more of a challenge.
4. Eating healthy is easier because I am more motivated to do it.

I cannot wait until next weeks weigh in. My hope is that my goal is half way there. Now to go make breakfast and shower and get ready for the day.
I would recommend the Nutrition Diva Pod Cast. She is funny.

Wednesday, February 4

I am big...

I am serious about my health, just like I was serious about my wedding.
What is my Wall? What is holding me back?
I do not think being thin is a possiblity for me. I never thought that being fit was possible for me. I am so used to being fat and out of shape that I do not know anything different. For the first time in my life I want to know something different in my life. I want to know what it feels like to walk with out my skin slapping against my body.
I am so glad that David is being supportive and working out with me. I am so glad I have my Dog Lily to walk with and I am so glad that I have my Treadmill to walk on.
I am so glad that I can cook healthy meals.

I have to keep pushing so I can get to my goal. My first goal of 240 pounds.
I just keep thinking that my legs feel powerful (And they do hurt) and that my AB's have a feeling in them they have not had for a long time.
I have to keep going. My life and my future children's lives depend on me.

Weight Gain due to More Muscle?

So I weighed in this morning and gained 2 pounds back. I am working out for more than an hour each day and I was frustrated. But then I think of how I feel. I have muscles moving when I walk and I feel things I have not felt in a long time. I am guessing that I am building my muscle mass and next weeks weigh in will yield better results. So I will just keep working.

I will not give up!

Tuesday, February 3

Why am I working out.

So I just had an light bulb come one.
Why am I working out with David? Lots of Reasons.
1. I want us to have a healthy marriage and healthy life.
2. I do not want to be ashamed to get on the scale at the Doctor's office and feel ashamed. I want to get down to my lower weight.
3. I want to be an example to my family
6. I want to have kids and have a healthy pregnancy.
7. I need to prove this to myself.
8. I need to love myself more than food and other crap.

Today was a good day for exercise. And I am going to do it again tomorrow. STAMINA! Here I come.
Tomorrow Morning is my Wii Fit Weigh in!

This Morning Ahhhhh

So last week I had the Motivation to get my Butt out of bed and walk on my Treadmill. I put my Ipod on and Used my Gillian McKeith Bootcamp CD to walk to. It was 30 Minutes of Motivation talk from Gillian and great music to keep me moving. I went 2 miles in that 30 minutes and went up to 5 MPH it was really fast walking.
After my walk I took Bubby for a Potty Run and threw her up on the bed with David.
For Breakfast today I am having my Bolthouse Farm's Mocah Cappuccino 356 Calories. and 19 Grams of Protien.
I have already had 2 Glasses of WATER! Ahhhhh...
Tonight David and I agreed to do Slim in 6 again. My hope is I can make it the whole 30 minutes with out getting Dizzy and sick.
That is my challenge today.
Now off to MY TRAINER BOB!

Monday, February 2

Working out with Dave

So tonight Dave and I started Slim in 6 together. And let me tell you I can tell I have had 8 days off because it was as hard today as it was on Day one 4 weeks ago. I WANTED TO DIE! But I made it through the workout. Then I went upstairs and cooked (Mexican Stir Fry)
This is what I made
I marinated Chicken overnight (4 Tenders) in Chiplote Lime Salad dressing with Fresh Cilantro and some Garlic.
Then right before I cooked it I pounded them down to make them thinner. They cooked super fast.
Then while the chicken was cooking I chopped up Zuchinni, Portabella Mushrooms and Yellow Squash Red Onion Red Pepper and some Garlic
I added that to the cooking chicken.
While they simmered a bit I cooked some Orzo Pasta. Garnished with Fresh Avacado!

Mixed it all together and YUMMY! 200 Calories for this Dinner and it was so good.

On top of that I went 10000 steps today with out even touching my treadmill.
Walking with Lily helped that on top of all the walking I did in Vegas I got used to it. But man muscle building with slim in six kill me now but Dave and I have another Date to do that tomorrow!

I was honest with Dave and told him I needed him to work out with me so I would push myself more and he understood and he helped. I got really dizzy. Usually when I work out alone I have to pause the DVD so I can get my bearings. I think us doing this every night this week will not only help me but him as well.

Sunday, February 1

Home from the Honeymoon

So we are home from the Honeymoon and I got my hair cut. I am so glad. It is in layers and shorter and feels much lighter and more mature. I feel more business like. So I lost 1 pound while on the Honeymoon and I have until Friday to meet my Wii Goal number 1 of 10 pounds. So here comes week one of being super serious about this goal. Now that stress is out of my life and no more worries about the wedding I will be able to focus on this goal.

I have a lot to do today. Clean my kitchen and get rid of the old and in with the New!

Tuesday, January 20

I lost 6 pounds

I did it... This morning I weighed in and I have lost offically 6.2 Pounds. That is more than Joelle. Whoot Whoot. I really wanted her kicked off the biggest loser this week. But that just motivates me to keep pushing harder than HER!

The Chellenge

So I am sure you have noticed that I have gained weight back in the last year. And it turns out my Medication Lexapro is causing a great deal of this weight gain. Needless to say I stopped taking it Early in November. Because I kept gaining weight and I am working out daily and eating healthy and nothing was budging and my scale kept going up and up. I do not like that. As a result of being off this medication I am more emotional than usual and very sensitive to things and cry for no reason. And David knows that I do not deal with STRESS at all well. So we are now working out together and trying to get in shape. But we need a motivator or healthy competition. We are asking you to join us in this competition.

Well because I have gained 50 + pounds in the last year and I still have my lap band at it's sweet spot and I am exercising I am hoping after this drug gets out of my system completely I will go back down in weight.
David and I have set a personal goal for ourselves and we wanted to tell you about it.

Every night David and I play on our Wii Fit Game. While one person is doing a game the other person is jumping on the trampett (Baby Trampoline) or Doing Weight lifting. We set a goal to do 30 minutes a night on our Wii Fit each and we take turns. (So by the time we finish we have been working out for an hour.) Then we end the night with 20 minutes of Yoga. In addition to this I walk on my Treadmill for 40 minutes while watching two of my favorite shows from BBC You are what you eat and Coupling. (Yes I forward through the commercials)

My Personal goal is to get back down to the 175 I weighed when I met David or Lower than that. His Goal is to get down to the weight he was when we met which is 180. Once we reach our Goal weight we are going to reward ourselves with a vacation to some place we have never been. Hawaii.

We hope to reach our Goals by October of Next year and book the Vacation for April or May of 2010. We would like to Go To Hawaii and stay at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore. We have been looking at prices on Orbitz and other Travel Sights and it is about $2000.00 per person for a All Inclusive Romantic Get Away with a Daily Spa Treatment, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner a convertible car, and an Ocean Front Room.

So on top of starting to save our money, we are trying to save our lives and be healthy and better examples to each other and our families.

If anyone else is interested in doing this too we would welcome the competition and would love to have a vacation like this. We consider it a once in a life time opportunity. If we reach our goals sooner we would like to go sooner but Lexapro weight takes a while to get off.

Write back and let me know what you think.

Friday, January 16

Day 2

So Yesterday I made my goal of 10,000 Steps. My legs I can feel muscles in them.
I am up early again I did Yoga this morning. Now I am running late and I have to go get ready for work.

Thursday, January 15

Candle Light Energizer Yoga

So yesterday I worked out a bit and had a few salad's for my meals. This morning I was feeling a little tight and did some Yoga to help me loosen up. It helped. Now I am dressed and about to Take Lily out for her morning Potty Run.

I have my Pedometer on today and my goal is 10,000 steps. That means I am taking WALKING breaks today.

Wednesday, January 14

The Rewards

Right next to my Wii Fit are a 15 Envelopes.
They all say..
1. Open at 240 Pounds
2. Open at 230 Pounds
3. Open at 220 Pounds
4. Open at 210 Pounds (Your Last All Time Low)
5. Open at 200 Pounds
6. Open at 195 Pounds
7. Open at 190 Pounds
8. Open at 185 Pounds
9. Open at 175 Pounds
10. Open at 170 Pounds (You have not weighed this since Middle School)
11. Open at 165 Pounds
12. Open at 160 Pounds
13. Open at 155 Pounds
14. GOAL 150 Pounds!!!
15. SIX MONTHS AT GOAL... Maintence.
I put in small rewards for reaching my small goals. I cannot remember what I wrote on these pages. But I do know when I reach that goal weight with that envelope I get to take a photo, Blog, Take Measurements, and have a Non Food Reward.
So this is what I am doing... Now I am going to go walk on my Treadmill. Like I said earlier I really have to work on my Cardio. I am out of shape.

Here is my BEFORE... Surgery and ALL Time low...

The Gobbledy Gook


1. Take A Photo of yourself. Post to your Blog.
2. Take your measurements

· Arm Left Arm by Mole 16” Right same thing. 16”
· Thigh’s 29 Inches each
· Stomach Inches 48
· BreastLine Inches 45
· Hip’s Inches 55
· Neck Inches 15
· Weight: 252.50

This is my Starting Point and Never Again Point.

No Change this week...

I wish I could take a full Body photo.. No that is not my butt... That is my Gutt! See what I mean I have to get this 100 pounds off.
My ARMS are Horrid. So Time to take action.

However I decided to stick with one workout routine (Slim in 6) For 6 weeks for a Jump Start to this goal. I can make it to 16 minutes with great difficulty. It really gets my heart burning/Pumping. But It is a muscle building Cardio.

My cardio and stamina really is suffering quite a bit because I have never been physically fit. But I can over come these two obsticals with hard work. My Dad always said when you put your mind to anything and believe you can achieve.

So last night I was watching the biggest loser and they are an inspiring group of people this time around. I see them helping each other and being partners and friends. The only person I struggle with is Joelle. She was willing to give up her health for $25,000. That is really sad. If it was about money she should just go to work.
For me this is not about money or prizes it is about finally finishing something I started. I started to lose weight with the help of my Lap Band and Now I have to finish. I have a high Goal of 100 pounds. And I know I can do this. I just have to dig deep inside of me and scoop out the muck and track my weight loss.

Thursday, January 8

Charlie horses and Shin Splints ?

Last night I walked for 40 minutes at a 12% incline while watching the end of the Biggest Loser and huffing and puffing up a hill. (Ok that is a little extreem) but I paid for it that night because I did not streach out my body enough before taking Dave out to find his Ski Bib's and use the free burger coupon at Red Robin.
Also I love their Kids' Menu and the Fried Zuchinni.
We stopped at Wal Mart and I was so tempted to buy the Biggest Loser DVD's that I do not have yet. But I restrained myself. I have to use the new ones I got for Christmas and then I can get some new one's.
So we get home and we go to bed and as I am laying there my front of my foot and calf start tightening up and charlie horse city... then not even two seconds after I get the charlie horse under control I get another one in my BACK. Oh it was painful.
So this morning I got up and I worked out to Candle Light Yoga by Crunch fitness and man it felt so good to release all that tightness and tension in my body. I feel good today.
Then I took Lily for her Potty Walk and she was so good.
Dropped Lily off by Daddy David in bed and she cuddles with him until he takes her out for a potty walk.
I am eating what I did not finish at Red Robin Last night today for lunch.
1 Zuchinni and noodles and chicken with light parmesan (I added Sun Dried Tomatoes)
I am drinking Cranberry Juice right now to help my bladder feel better.

Well back to work... Tonight when I get home it is a Date night with me and Kathy Smith.

Wednesday, January 7

My Wii Fit is my Friend

Ok I have decided my offical weigh in date is the Day after the biggest loser. Wednesday Morning is my weigh in time.
Last week I was at 250 and today I am just below 248. (So I am 2 pounds down)
I set a goal on my wii fit for 10 pounds to loose by this month. So I have to get to 238 by Feb 7th.
Since I am posting this on this blog it makes it more real to me. Because people could be reading this. So on Feb 7th I am going to have my photo taken after I weigh in.

The wii fit is good at keeping track of my weight for me. It is a great tool.

So for lunch today I am having a baked sweet potato and salad with grilled chicken.

Well I need to go shower and get ready for work. I will write more later today.

Tuesday, January 6

Getting up at 5:30

So this year I will have had my Lap Band for 6 years. I started off at 400+ Pounds. I will never know my true weight at the time of surgery because there were no scales big enough to weigh me where I had surgery. Fast forward 5 years later.

I am getting married in 20 days. I am at 250 Pounds and I absolutly hate myself. My lowest weight was 210.
I am really motivated to get myself down to my Goal weight once and for all. The first 5 years were spent stressing about money and my love life. Now I have all that I need and I do not have my health at 100%

So this blog is a place for me to vent, I doubt anyone will read it but if they do they can feel my frustrations.

So I have had a difficult time lately exercising at night because my puppy and soon to be hubby demand a lot of my attention. So I have geared up for this little goal of mine.
My Reward is 9 days in Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort/SPA

Here is what I have got to prepare myself
  1. Treadmill
  2. 20 work out DVD's to switch up and enjoy doing
  3. a mini tramp
  4. a core ball
  5. weights
  6. work out clothes
  7. my IPOD has a play list for working out too with high pumping songs
  8. a goal in mind.

My goal is to be 5 feet 9 inches (That is a given Duh) and 155 Pounds or Less

I have a lot of work ahead of me but I think I can do it.

This morning I got up at 5:55 (Pressed snooze a few times) and went and did my first timers work out on the mini tramp. Nearly killed me

Tonight however the Biggest Loser starts up again and I will be on my Treadmill watching the show as I walk up hill. My goal is to walk a full hour and then do Intervals for another 30 minutes after that... and then streach during the weigh in.

I will let you know how I do. Right now I need to go get some more water.

Goal by the wedding day is to have 5 pounds off this body. That is 20 days.