Wednesday, January 14

The Rewards

Right next to my Wii Fit are a 15 Envelopes.
They all say..
1. Open at 240 Pounds
2. Open at 230 Pounds
3. Open at 220 Pounds
4. Open at 210 Pounds (Your Last All Time Low)
5. Open at 200 Pounds
6. Open at 195 Pounds
7. Open at 190 Pounds
8. Open at 185 Pounds
9. Open at 175 Pounds
10. Open at 170 Pounds (You have not weighed this since Middle School)
11. Open at 165 Pounds
12. Open at 160 Pounds
13. Open at 155 Pounds
14. GOAL 150 Pounds!!!
15. SIX MONTHS AT GOAL... Maintence.
I put in small rewards for reaching my small goals. I cannot remember what I wrote on these pages. But I do know when I reach that goal weight with that envelope I get to take a photo, Blog, Take Measurements, and have a Non Food Reward.
So this is what I am doing... Now I am going to go walk on my Treadmill. Like I said earlier I really have to work on my Cardio. I am out of shape.

Here is my BEFORE... Surgery and ALL Time low...

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