Tuesday, April 7

198 Feeling Great

I cannot believe it I finally have to change my goal pants... the pants I have hanging on my wall are now TOO BIG! So now I am on the hunt for a new pair.

It is nice to have a new wardrobe again because of clothes I have had but not able to wear.

Friday, April 3

3 weeks where have I been...

I am here, I have not blogged for a while because I have not been feeling well. (I had a miscarriage) and now I have this horrible cold. I am still doing good with maintaining that loss that I had three weeks ago.
I have not gained and according to the scale the other day I have lost 3 more pounds.
So when I start feeling better I am going to start doing the 2 hours a day again. Till then I am just doing 30 minutes to maintain.