Tuesday, February 24

So for the last two days I am working on getting back on track. I do have to say it has been helpful to exercise. My mood has gotten better and I seem to be more perky.
My only frustration is Lily, she is always getting into things she should not touch while I am walking. So it has gotten to the point where she has to be in her kennel while I am walking/ jogging on my treadmill. Because she is a total SHIT! She started eating my Wedding Topiary Trees last night and I went postal on her. She knew she was in trouble because she sat by the Plant stand with her toys in the basket and waited for permission to come be with me.

But last night after my work out I was Exhausted I crashed in bed. But I needed that Rest. Then of course the night time Acid Reflux started and I was hacking up a lung and throwing up because I ate too late in the evening my dinner.

That is the worst thing about having a LAP BAND. You have to stop eating and drinking at a certian time before you go to bed otherwise you are suffering all night with food coming back up. I do most of my eating and drinking at work at my desk. People always ask me why I have a Tea, a Water, a Protien Drink and Water at my desk. Because I aim to finish them all before I leave.

So tomorrow is another offical weigh in. Lets hope I am at 242 or 240.

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