Friday, July 15

Under 200 and Working on Making a Baby

So today, my TTC book What to expect when you are expecting told me that I would see a couple things... signs as you will if you are pregnant. Today a few of those signs showed up. OR.... and that is a big or...My period is early and will last a really long time.

But this week my back has been killing me and I am exhausted and thirsty all the time.

I have been bidding on baby clothes on e bay for pennies... and selling stuff on E Bay too... Cleaning out the room where the baby will go. However I am hopeful.

Tuesday, February 1

Under 230 I found the Envelope with the Reward

So here is my info for 230 pounds... (even though I am at 222)

My reward was the following... Try on My Cargo Pants that I could not fit into.

Well I just put them on and they fit! Whooo Whooo!

Reward is a new pair of workout shoes, which I got earlier this month (New Balance Walking Shoes!) So I have done the right thing... NOW FOR THE MEASUREMENTS... OH MAN here we go.

Arms are 14.5
Thighs are 27
Stomach is 42
Breast Line is 39 1/2
Hips are 50 (Stupid Pooch)
Neck 14 inches

Ok so lets keep trucking... I am almost to 220... Then I can open the next envelope!

Sunday, January 16

Where the Hell Have I Been

Well needless to say in another world in another dimension. I have been working, and ignoring my health and well being. I have in short been making myself CRAZY. I had to go to the looney bin literally.

Everything was making me cry. Well now that I am taking a couple months off work, I am back to focus on my health and well being.

STARTING WEIGHT and NEW MEASUREMENTS will be taken in the morning as soon as I get up and finish walking Lily the Pooch!

All I can say, is I am lighter than my husband and I intend to keep it that way.

Monday, April 5

So I don't know why but this works

So I have slacked off for so long... I mean a really long time. But 8 days ago my husband and I decided to make working out a game, of friendly competition and lets say in the last 8 days I have worked out more than I have in the last 8 months. I make time to fit in a work out. I am drinking my water like a good girl, and best of all I am taking my vitamins again. Never thought getting 5 experience points would motivate me to take a vitamin that almost always makes me sick. However I am getting smart about it, and taking them with my lunch instead of breakfast when my stomach is super sensitive and always weak.

Also I am eating better meals. Less processed crap. I feel better so naturally wanting to eat better comes along.

So I am going to weigh in once a week on Tuesday Morning, and see where I am at. I am going to start working on my envelopes again... So ready get set go!

Monday, August 31

On track

So I am taking Communications 1020 and Intro to Law and Litigation. These are my classes that are on the road to getting my Associates Degree in getting my Paralegal Degree. I am glad that I had the back ground in English Education and have all my writing classes out of the way. Because I think I am a good writer when I sit down and think about what I am going to say. Whereas here on this blog it is just the word vomit coming out through my fingers.

So I got up early again today and did Walking and Yoga and took Lily out. But here is the bummer. I injured my knee a while back and I do not know how I did it! But today I start Physical therapy so I can walk at an incline again with out pain and so I can go up and down stairs with out wincing.
But I am trying to stay active so I do not put any weight on.

So walking is how I am doing that.

I cannot wait to get on the scale after finals and see where I am at weight wise. But I am sure that I will make my goal if I keep going at this pace.

Thursday, August 27

The Freshman Fifteen

Well I have not blogged in a long time. Part of that is because well I ended up in a job I totally hated and now I am at a great place in life not only for work but also mentally and physically.
So I started School again last night. I was scared and nervous and all the other things that make you want to freak out.

So I have set a new goal... I am going to loose 15 pounds while I am in school. Instead of Gain.
So I am doing well on Day 2 of this new goal but I am not going to weigh myself until finals are over.
I know I am in the 232 pound range. So 15 pounds is 216 pounds. Now I hope to be lower than that. But I am going to do the exercize to keep my energy levels up and to prevent myself from going insane.
So I am getting up early and walking for 2 miles and then Yoga and some weight lifting. I am going to need to add some much needed core work into the mix but right now I am just trying to stick to this routine for a month to see how I am doing.

So I will write more tomorrow morning... after my workout.

Tuesday, April 7

198 Feeling Great

I cannot believe it I finally have to change my goal pants... the pants I have hanging on my wall are now TOO BIG! So now I am on the hunt for a new pair.

It is nice to have a new wardrobe again because of clothes I have had but not able to wear.

Friday, April 3

3 weeks where have I been...

I am here, I have not blogged for a while because I have not been feeling well. (I had a miscarriage) and now I have this horrible cold. I am still doing good with maintaining that loss that I had three weeks ago.
I have not gained and according to the scale the other day I have lost 3 more pounds.
So when I start feeling better I am going to start doing the 2 hours a day again. Till then I am just doing 30 minutes to maintain.

Wednesday, March 11

Offical Weigh In 12.4 Pounds total in one week!

I must say the Strength Training and healthy eating is doing it's job. I am down 12.4 pounds for the whole week.
I weigh 224 Pounds!

I did my Wii Fit Test 3 Times in a Row because I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!
I lost 12 pounds in a week! I was shocked!

I am so excited to open my Envelope tonight but then again I am not allowing myself to do that UNTIL AFTER my Workout.

I was just hoping for 2 pounds! I am so excited~

Monday, March 9

4.6 Pounds to my next goal

So those of you who have been tracking my progress on this so called blog will know that I am doing my goals by 10 pound stints.
And I have to say getting up early to walk is helping my attitude and body and mind. I am about to go upstairs and walk for a min of 25 minutes my goal is 45.

My Wii Fit has been giving me a work out too. Yesterday I just played my games on Wii Fit to improve my scores.

Today My goal is to get more fiber in my diet.

So here is to me.. Lets hope I can make it to my goal.

Tuesday, March 3

So Weight off my Shoulders

I quit my job of 8 years that is right 8 years.
Being at SPS was bad for me, it was the cause of a lot of health problems. The company demanded so much from me and I could not give anymore.

The day I quit I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders and in turn THREW MY BACK OUT!

I start my new job tomorrow. I am going to do my best and hope for the best and see if I can make myself be what I want. A healthier Emily.

So tomorrow I will get up as usual at 5:30 and walk for an hour and then of course clean up and get ready for work. And Start a new chapter in my life.

No longer worried about Co Workers Perceptions of me, Just going to go in and do my job and hopefully prove that I was worth hiring to Lundberg.

Monday, March 2

3.4 CC's Lap Band Filled.

So today I went in and got the official weigh in at the doctors office. I can say that I am happy that there is weight loss and I am proud of my hard work. Now I am at3.4 CC's in my lap band and I am at my most restricted that I have been in about 3 years.

But now I can work out and control my eating the way I am supposed too. My band is where it needs to be to get the rest of my weight off.
Now I really am going to push it and get to 230 before we know it. 8 pounds to go!

Wednesday, February 25

Well my First Envelope

So my Paper that I had in my Goal Envelope of 240 Pounds (Offically 238) Said the following

YOU MADE IT TO YOUR NEXT STEP (as I am sitting here with my Post Work out clothes and Sweat with my Glass of WATER0 GOOD JOB.

Before you Reward yourself Take a Photo of yourself. (Check See Above) Post to your Blog... Well I did that.....

2. Take your Measurements
  • ARM 15 1/2
  • Thigh 27/12
  • Stomach 47
  • Breast Line 45
  • Hips' 53 (2 Inches LOST and I can tell my pants are loose)
  • Neck 14
For making it to this Goal for your reward you can do the following:

And I wrote down... Call Sinead and get a Sugar Scrub and a Massage

Try on the Cargo Pants in the closet see how they fit? Can you get them past your mid thigh? Do not get discouraged Keep working hard. Enjoy your Massage.

Man I am NICE to myself.

238 and Feeling Great

So This Morning!!!!! The Offical Weigh in on the Wii!!! 238! That means I get to open my first goal envelope. But I have made a deal with myself. I can open it after I officaly WALK 10K Steps today. I already have 4000 in from my morning JOG... That is right I Jogged for 20 minutes on the Treadmill. IT FELT GREAT!

Tuesday, February 24

So for the last two days I am working on getting back on track. I do have to say it has been helpful to exercise. My mood has gotten better and I seem to be more perky.
My only frustration is Lily, she is always getting into things she should not touch while I am walking. So it has gotten to the point where she has to be in her kennel while I am walking/ jogging on my treadmill. Because she is a total SHIT! She started eating my Wedding Topiary Trees last night and I went postal on her. She knew she was in trouble because she sat by the Plant stand with her toys in the basket and waited for permission to come be with me.

But last night after my work out I was Exhausted I crashed in bed. But I needed that Rest. Then of course the night time Acid Reflux started and I was hacking up a lung and throwing up because I ate too late in the evening my dinner.

That is the worst thing about having a LAP BAND. You have to stop eating and drinking at a certian time before you go to bed otherwise you are suffering all night with food coming back up. I do most of my eating and drinking at work at my desk. People always ask me why I have a Tea, a Water, a Protien Drink and Water at my desk. Because I aim to finish them all before I leave.

So tomorrow is another offical weigh in. Lets hope I am at 242 or 240.