Wednesday, January 7

My Wii Fit is my Friend

Ok I have decided my offical weigh in date is the Day after the biggest loser. Wednesday Morning is my weigh in time.
Last week I was at 250 and today I am just below 248. (So I am 2 pounds down)
I set a goal on my wii fit for 10 pounds to loose by this month. So I have to get to 238 by Feb 7th.
Since I am posting this on this blog it makes it more real to me. Because people could be reading this. So on Feb 7th I am going to have my photo taken after I weigh in.

The wii fit is good at keeping track of my weight for me. It is a great tool.

So for lunch today I am having a baked sweet potato and salad with grilled chicken.

Well I need to go shower and get ready for work. I will write more later today.

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