Wednesday, January 14

No Change this week...

I wish I could take a full Body photo.. No that is not my butt... That is my Gutt! See what I mean I have to get this 100 pounds off.
My ARMS are Horrid. So Time to take action.

However I decided to stick with one workout routine (Slim in 6) For 6 weeks for a Jump Start to this goal. I can make it to 16 minutes with great difficulty. It really gets my heart burning/Pumping. But It is a muscle building Cardio.

My cardio and stamina really is suffering quite a bit because I have never been physically fit. But I can over come these two obsticals with hard work. My Dad always said when you put your mind to anything and believe you can achieve.

So last night I was watching the biggest loser and they are an inspiring group of people this time around. I see them helping each other and being partners and friends. The only person I struggle with is Joelle. She was willing to give up her health for $25,000. That is really sad. If it was about money she should just go to work.
For me this is not about money or prizes it is about finally finishing something I started. I started to lose weight with the help of my Lap Band and Now I have to finish. I have a high Goal of 100 pounds. And I know I can do this. I just have to dig deep inside of me and scoop out the muck and track my weight loss.

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