Thursday, February 5

The Little Things make a Big Difference

So I never thought I would notice the small things but here is what I am noticing.
1. I can get through the whole work out with David with out stopping. So my Stamina is building. (Last night Dave did not get home until 8:00 but I waited for him so we could keep our commitment to workout together like we promised. While I waited I walked on my Treadmill and did some hard play time with Lily and went for a few long walks with her. I walked 7500 Steps after I got home from work)
2. My body feels different. I want to measure my inches but I am not doing that until I reach my first goal of 240. But this morning my legs feel warm and they hurt a bit but they do not hurt like they have.
3. Yoga is getting harder because my muscles need to be more flexible so it is more of a challenge.
4. Eating healthy is easier because I am more motivated to do it.

I cannot wait until next weeks weigh in. My hope is that my goal is half way there. Now to go make breakfast and shower and get ready for the day.
I would recommend the Nutrition Diva Pod Cast. She is funny.

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