Tuesday, February 1

Under 230 I found the Envelope with the Reward

So here is my info for 230 pounds... (even though I am at 222)

My reward was the following... Try on My Cargo Pants that I could not fit into.

Well I just put them on and they fit! Whooo Whooo!

Reward is a new pair of workout shoes, which I got earlier this month (New Balance Walking Shoes!) So I have done the right thing... NOW FOR THE MEASUREMENTS... OH MAN here we go.

Arms are 14.5
Thighs are 27
Stomach is 42
Breast Line is 39 1/2
Hips are 50 (Stupid Pooch)
Neck 14 inches

Ok so lets keep trucking... I am almost to 220... Then I can open the next envelope!