Thursday, January 8

Charlie horses and Shin Splints ?

Last night I walked for 40 minutes at a 12% incline while watching the end of the Biggest Loser and huffing and puffing up a hill. (Ok that is a little extreem) but I paid for it that night because I did not streach out my body enough before taking Dave out to find his Ski Bib's and use the free burger coupon at Red Robin.
Also I love their Kids' Menu and the Fried Zuchinni.
We stopped at Wal Mart and I was so tempted to buy the Biggest Loser DVD's that I do not have yet. But I restrained myself. I have to use the new ones I got for Christmas and then I can get some new one's.
So we get home and we go to bed and as I am laying there my front of my foot and calf start tightening up and charlie horse city... then not even two seconds after I get the charlie horse under control I get another one in my BACK. Oh it was painful.
So this morning I got up and I worked out to Candle Light Yoga by Crunch fitness and man it felt so good to release all that tightness and tension in my body. I feel good today.
Then I took Lily for her Potty Walk and she was so good.
Dropped Lily off by Daddy David in bed and she cuddles with him until he takes her out for a potty walk.
I am eating what I did not finish at Red Robin Last night today for lunch.
1 Zuchinni and noodles and chicken with light parmesan (I added Sun Dried Tomatoes)
I am drinking Cranberry Juice right now to help my bladder feel better.

Well back to work... Tonight when I get home it is a Date night with me and Kathy Smith.

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