Friday, July 15

Under 200 and Working on Making a Baby

So today, my TTC book What to expect when you are expecting told me that I would see a couple things... signs as you will if you are pregnant. Today a few of those signs showed up. OR.... and that is a big or...My period is early and will last a really long time.

But this week my back has been killing me and I am exhausted and thirsty all the time.

I have been bidding on baby clothes on e bay for pennies... and selling stuff on E Bay too... Cleaning out the room where the baby will go. However I am hopeful.

Tuesday, February 1

Under 230 I found the Envelope with the Reward

So here is my info for 230 pounds... (even though I am at 222)

My reward was the following... Try on My Cargo Pants that I could not fit into.

Well I just put them on and they fit! Whooo Whooo!

Reward is a new pair of workout shoes, which I got earlier this month (New Balance Walking Shoes!) So I have done the right thing... NOW FOR THE MEASUREMENTS... OH MAN here we go.

Arms are 14.5
Thighs are 27
Stomach is 42
Breast Line is 39 1/2
Hips are 50 (Stupid Pooch)
Neck 14 inches

Ok so lets keep trucking... I am almost to 220... Then I can open the next envelope!

Sunday, January 16

Where the Hell Have I Been

Well needless to say in another world in another dimension. I have been working, and ignoring my health and well being. I have in short been making myself CRAZY. I had to go to the looney bin literally.

Everything was making me cry. Well now that I am taking a couple months off work, I am back to focus on my health and well being.

STARTING WEIGHT and NEW MEASUREMENTS will be taken in the morning as soon as I get up and finish walking Lily the Pooch!

All I can say, is I am lighter than my husband and I intend to keep it that way.