Wednesday, March 11

Offical Weigh In 12.4 Pounds total in one week!

I must say the Strength Training and healthy eating is doing it's job. I am down 12.4 pounds for the whole week.
I weigh 224 Pounds!

I did my Wii Fit Test 3 Times in a Row because I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!
I lost 12 pounds in a week! I was shocked!

I am so excited to open my Envelope tonight but then again I am not allowing myself to do that UNTIL AFTER my Workout.

I was just hoping for 2 pounds! I am so excited~

Monday, March 9

4.6 Pounds to my next goal

So those of you who have been tracking my progress on this so called blog will know that I am doing my goals by 10 pound stints.
And I have to say getting up early to walk is helping my attitude and body and mind. I am about to go upstairs and walk for a min of 25 minutes my goal is 45.

My Wii Fit has been giving me a work out too. Yesterday I just played my games on Wii Fit to improve my scores.

Today My goal is to get more fiber in my diet.

So here is to me.. Lets hope I can make it to my goal.

Tuesday, March 3

So Weight off my Shoulders

I quit my job of 8 years that is right 8 years.
Being at SPS was bad for me, it was the cause of a lot of health problems. The company demanded so much from me and I could not give anymore.

The day I quit I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders and in turn THREW MY BACK OUT!

I start my new job tomorrow. I am going to do my best and hope for the best and see if I can make myself be what I want. A healthier Emily.

So tomorrow I will get up as usual at 5:30 and walk for an hour and then of course clean up and get ready for work. And Start a new chapter in my life.

No longer worried about Co Workers Perceptions of me, Just going to go in and do my job and hopefully prove that I was worth hiring to Lundberg.

Monday, March 2

3.4 CC's Lap Band Filled.

So today I went in and got the official weigh in at the doctors office. I can say that I am happy that there is weight loss and I am proud of my hard work. Now I am at3.4 CC's in my lap band and I am at my most restricted that I have been in about 3 years.

But now I can work out and control my eating the way I am supposed too. My band is where it needs to be to get the rest of my weight off.
Now I really am going to push it and get to 230 before we know it. 8 pounds to go!