Monday, February 2

Working out with Dave

So tonight Dave and I started Slim in 6 together. And let me tell you I can tell I have had 8 days off because it was as hard today as it was on Day one 4 weeks ago. I WANTED TO DIE! But I made it through the workout. Then I went upstairs and cooked (Mexican Stir Fry)
This is what I made
I marinated Chicken overnight (4 Tenders) in Chiplote Lime Salad dressing with Fresh Cilantro and some Garlic.
Then right before I cooked it I pounded them down to make them thinner. They cooked super fast.
Then while the chicken was cooking I chopped up Zuchinni, Portabella Mushrooms and Yellow Squash Red Onion Red Pepper and some Garlic
I added that to the cooking chicken.
While they simmered a bit I cooked some Orzo Pasta. Garnished with Fresh Avacado!

Mixed it all together and YUMMY! 200 Calories for this Dinner and it was so good.

On top of that I went 10000 steps today with out even touching my treadmill.
Walking with Lily helped that on top of all the walking I did in Vegas I got used to it. But man muscle building with slim in six kill me now but Dave and I have another Date to do that tomorrow!

I was honest with Dave and told him I needed him to work out with me so I would push myself more and he understood and he helped. I got really dizzy. Usually when I work out alone I have to pause the DVD so I can get my bearings. I think us doing this every night this week will not only help me but him as well.

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