Friday, February 6

Counting Calories

So today I am counting my Calories and I am realizing that I am not eating enough to take care of me with all this extra exercize I am doing.
But I am not going to increase what I eat. I am just going to make better choices.

Last night David did not get home until 8:30 and well we have our Date to workout every night together but I stayed up and I waited. And it was WORTH every minute of waiting. Because I feel Great today.

So I got up this morning for the first time before the Alarm went off!
I did Yoga for Better Sex DVD because it helps your thighs and hips which I must admit this week have tightend up quite a bit from all the squats and lunges we have done. It felt really good to streach those out. And HURT too! So I need to do that again tonight streach out my hip flexors and hamstrings before I go to bed.

Then I did Tighter Assets DVD. And the ONLY reason I did that is because tonight I am going out with Lisa and Mom to see a movie.

But the best part of the morning is I stepped on my old Bathroom scale and saw a Budge in the scale it went down.
I am really close to my goal but I will not count it until my Weekly Weigh in on Wednesday Morning. Because who knows what the weekend will bring.

Right now I am listening to Super Size me... And I have made an Appointment for my Lap Band to get a minor Fill. Because I am now able to eat more than 6 OZ each meal and that has to stop!

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