Tuesday, February 3

This Morning Ahhhhh

So last week I had the Motivation to get my Butt out of bed and walk on my Treadmill. I put my Ipod on and Used my Gillian McKeith Bootcamp CD to walk to. It was 30 Minutes of Motivation talk from Gillian and great music to keep me moving. I went 2 miles in that 30 minutes and went up to 5 MPH it was really fast walking.
After my walk I took Bubby for a Potty Run and threw her up on the bed with David.
For Breakfast today I am having my Bolthouse Farm's Mocah Cappuccino 356 Calories. and 19 Grams of Protien.
I have already had 2 Glasses of WATER! Ahhhhh...
Tonight David and I agreed to do Slim in 6 again. My hope is I can make it the whole 30 minutes with out getting Dizzy and sick.
That is my challenge today.
Now off to MY TRAINER BOB!

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