Monday, August 31

On track

So I am taking Communications 1020 and Intro to Law and Litigation. These are my classes that are on the road to getting my Associates Degree in getting my Paralegal Degree. I am glad that I had the back ground in English Education and have all my writing classes out of the way. Because I think I am a good writer when I sit down and think about what I am going to say. Whereas here on this blog it is just the word vomit coming out through my fingers.

So I got up early again today and did Walking and Yoga and took Lily out. But here is the bummer. I injured my knee a while back and I do not know how I did it! But today I start Physical therapy so I can walk at an incline again with out pain and so I can go up and down stairs with out wincing.
But I am trying to stay active so I do not put any weight on.

So walking is how I am doing that.

I cannot wait to get on the scale after finals and see where I am at weight wise. But I am sure that I will make my goal if I keep going at this pace.

Thursday, August 27

The Freshman Fifteen

Well I have not blogged in a long time. Part of that is because well I ended up in a job I totally hated and now I am at a great place in life not only for work but also mentally and physically.
So I started School again last night. I was scared and nervous and all the other things that make you want to freak out.

So I have set a new goal... I am going to loose 15 pounds while I am in school. Instead of Gain.
So I am doing well on Day 2 of this new goal but I am not going to weigh myself until finals are over.
I know I am in the 232 pound range. So 15 pounds is 216 pounds. Now I hope to be lower than that. But I am going to do the exercize to keep my energy levels up and to prevent myself from going insane.
So I am getting up early and walking for 2 miles and then Yoga and some weight lifting. I am going to need to add some much needed core work into the mix but right now I am just trying to stick to this routine for a month to see how I am doing.

So I will write more tomorrow morning... after my workout.