Wednesday, February 25

Well my First Envelope

So my Paper that I had in my Goal Envelope of 240 Pounds (Offically 238) Said the following

YOU MADE IT TO YOUR NEXT STEP (as I am sitting here with my Post Work out clothes and Sweat with my Glass of WATER0 GOOD JOB.

Before you Reward yourself Take a Photo of yourself. (Check See Above) Post to your Blog... Well I did that.....

2. Take your Measurements
  • ARM 15 1/2
  • Thigh 27/12
  • Stomach 47
  • Breast Line 45
  • Hips' 53 (2 Inches LOST and I can tell my pants are loose)
  • Neck 14
For making it to this Goal for your reward you can do the following:

And I wrote down... Call Sinead and get a Sugar Scrub and a Massage

Try on the Cargo Pants in the closet see how they fit? Can you get them past your mid thigh? Do not get discouraged Keep working hard. Enjoy your Massage.

Man I am NICE to myself.

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